Everything you need to know about WiFi calling

WiFi calling (sometimes called VoWiFi) allows you to use your cell phone over a wifi network when there is no mobile coverage.

WiFi calling does not require any apps or special logins, simply go to your phone settings (usually in the network settings) and switch it on. There are two providers offering WiFi calling in NZ at the moment:

Does Wi-Fi calling drain battery?

WiFi-Calling uses a lot less power than when you use your cell coverage - it only needs to reach the access point/router, usually less than 100 metres. Cellular signals need much more power because they may need to reach towers almost 80 kilometres away (in some rural areas)

Can all phones do WiFi calling?

No, your provider can advise and they do have a list of models which have WiFi calling – usually phones at least 3 years old.


You might also be interested in VoLTE (Voice over Long Term Evolution or LTE which is another name for 4G). VoLTE uses the 4G network rather than the usual cell tower network.

In our local area there are 4G towers where no mobile coverage exists, so if you try VoLTE you might find you suddenly have coverage where before you didn’t!

Android devices have VoLTE turned on by default. However, if you need to manually turn VoLTE on your Android phone, just follow these simple steps:

  • Android phone users - Go to Settings > Connections > Mobile networks > Toggle VoLTE Calls 'ON'

Currently, iPhones only have a basic VoLTE capability and is turned off by default. To manually turn VoLTE on your iPhone, just follow these simple steps:

  • iPhone users - Go to Settings > Mobile > Mobile Data Options> Voice and Data > Toggle VoLTE 'ON'

Can I use VoLTE if my data is switched off?

Yes, you can. VoLTE calls don’t use your phone’s data plan. It simply uses the 4G network to help you connect quicker on voice calls and enjoy a clear connection with reduced background noise.